Emirates Stadium Tour – From a German Team fan’s perspective

He’s a Gooner, I’m not. But I do have a slight bias towards Özil & Mertesacker. So the Emirates Stadium was on the itinerary.

20161209_100900We did not have breakfast before arriving at the stadium, which was a blessing. If you’re ever coming from Holloway Road Station, stop by Little Wonder Cafe. They do cheap, good food. 4.4 stars out of 5 on Google.

Address: 48 Hornsey Rd, Islington, London, N7 7BP, UK

The bacon was back-bacon I assume since it actually had meat, and wasn’t 90% fats. I don’t know what they put on the toast because it was a cross between those Planta margarine and actual butter, which made the flavour better than butter. It was so properly tasty and value for money, we went there twice. My meal was around £5 to £6 if my memory serves me right. Relatively cheap, and the portion was not at all shabby. 😀 Unbiased reviews and directions on Trip Advisor here.

After taking an embarrassing amount of photos outside the stadium, we headed in.
I’ve been to a couple of other stadium tours before. So I kind of knew what to expect. The tour covers the usual places like the Grand stand, VIP lounge, Field-side (where I sat on Arsene Wenger’s chair and felt important haha.), Locker Rooms (I sat on Özil’s seat), Media rooms and such. However, that said, I was impressed by the tour and their facilities which includes a guide-dog friendly toilet. Very inclusive, well-played Arsenal. It was completely self-guided using the device the provided. Self-guided tours are good for staying at a location until the crowd leaves to take better photos. The story of Arsenal Football Club was a convincing one. It almost convinced me that I should be a Gooner, and that they are the most awesome soccer team in the world (It’s still the German team for me, sorry).



Where do I sign up to be a VIP?

I shan’t spoil the tour with too many photos for those who intend to go. If you’re ever in London, take the tour. It’s more than just about soccer. It’s about hard working factory workers who made something out of nothing. It’s about creative business tactics, dreaming big, innovation, and risk-taking. It’s about passion and fun. Even for a non-supporter like me, who hardly watches the EPL, it was good fun. We spent the whole day there – I didn’t think it was possible. Tour ticket includes entrance into the Arsenal museum, and your very own pair of Arsenal earphones.

Directions to get there & ticket prices here.


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