Cereal Killer Cafe – They killed it.

It’s such a brilliant idea, this cafe. Alan and Gary Keery deserve some medal of honour from Captain Crunch for believing in the untapped potential of the simple pleasures of breakfast cereals enough to actually start this cafe. Yes, serial cerealists unite. I can have it for breakfast, lunch & dinner no problem.

That’s them!

So while we were in London, it had to be part of the itinerary.


The seats are beds. BEDS! It is literally breakfast in bed for any meal of the day! The walls are decorated with cereal box memorabilia that sent me straight back to the multi-national cereal childhood I pretend to have. But you know, Coco Crunch and Honey Stars here also come with random toys and silly games so, same difference. And that old-school looking arcade game machine on the left, it’s free to play. The Street Fighter-esque game has those combination moves so you can totally bust them out like a pro if you press all the buttons in some random order, like me. I had no idea how, but I was on form.

Proud moment: I won all the games against my boyfriend who used to play Street Fighter and Tekken. 😀

This was only one side of the shelf. There was another wall to floor side of it on the left.

What are cereals without milk? Ans: Crunchy K-drama watching snacks,  but that’s besides the point. The cafe serves a variety of milks dairy (cow & goat), soy, rice, coconut… I can’t remember so I will leave it to their website to show how extensive it really is. Basically, they serve over 100 types of cereals, you can add toppings to them and choose your milk. They also have Poptarts and toast.

This was when less is more made sense. The endless permutations and combinations of cereals, milks and toppings should be made into an A-math problem sum. We couldn’t quite make up our minds so we went along with the ‘cereal cocktails’ that they serve. They also do vegan cereal cocktails. Plus points for that.

20161210_172209We had Chocopotamus (chocopops, crave, kinder happy hippo & chocolate milk) and The Lion King (lion cereal, choco caramel shreddies, rolo & caramel milk).

You know they’re legit, and serious about cereals when they serve the milk and cereal separately. Soggy or crunchy, you do you.

Put the Cereal Killer Cafe in your itinerary for London. Relive your childhood or start one. It’s amazing.

Find them here:

Brick Lane Cafe
139 Brick Lane
E1 6SB
Tel: 020 3601 9100
Camden Cafe
Mezz 2
Stables Market
Tel: 020 3393 8857



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