Not there? Yet. (Free Classroom Resource)

Teachers have the biggest hearts, but the shortest 24 hours. I have resources wasting away in my external hard drive. So, let’s share.

Learning about attribution retraining from Ann Stern and Ruth Senark from Research for Better Teaching (RBT) through the Skillful Teacher programme was the best thing that happened to me during my first year of teaching.

“Don’t praise students by telling them that they are smart, don’t say that’s so clever.”

That was one of the most counter-intuitive thing I’ve learnt. But it was so, so sensible. Praise effort and hard work, not intelligence. It’s based on Carol Dweck’s (and her team) research on mindset and the psychology of success.

The buzzword is probably ‘growth mind set’. It’s been used not only around the edu-sphere but also advocated in workplaces.There are articles talking about inculcating the growth mind-set in the office, in our personal lives, etc…

Here’s an infographic summary of what fixed mindset VS growth mind-set looks like:

growth-mindset-infographclick to download infograph

I loved the idea so much, I really wanted to develop an effort-based learning environment. So I created some resources (with inspirations from pinterest, not gonna lie) for my classroom. I’m sharing these posters I made on the growth mind-set.

Download it, print it, share it, pin it up in your classes, stick in in your notebook.

I’ve also included links below to easy and quick articles about attribution retraining and growth mind set for your reading pleasure.

Remind yourself that if you’re not where you want to be, it’s because you’re not there yet. I hope this helps because I know work is already piling up and you still gotta take care of that blank notice board space calling out to you…


Get better at this (read these):

How to: Attribution retraining in the classroom
Growth mindset: By Carol Dweck | In the classroom | For teachers | For professionals & self


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