Life after recess – The food coma and the sugar high (Free Lesson Resource)

It’s after recess. There are 2 groups of students.

  1. The ones who are sleepy
  2. The ones experiencing sugar high

We’ll have to pick our battles here. Wake the drowsy or tame the wild? It’s like a ‘would you rather’ question from classroom management hell, especially if the principal coincidentally strolls past your classroom.

So, you keep your urge to pull out your hair, maintain a poker face, take a deep breath and declare, “Hey guys, today’s lesson will begin with a computer game. Show me you’re ready.” Suddenly drowsiness fade and sugar high is regulated. The process of homeostasis must have sped up somewhere between computer and game because Dopey and Hyper are now bright-eyed and bushy-tailed perfect little learners. The principal walks away, impressed with your ability to engage your class, you heave a sigh of relief (inwardly of course because you’re always prepared like that). Then it is business as usual.

Ookie Cookie

I’m sharing my lesson on teaching the use of Connectors ‘If’, ‘So’ and ‘Otherwise’ using an online game Ookie Cookie as the lesson opener. (Teachers in SG, if you’re teaching P4, I think it’s for STELLAR Unit 4: Making Ice Cream)

Sample of the slides

I’m including the PowerPoint slides (PDF), teacher’s notes and activity cards. I hope you find them useful!

Download them below:
Lesson Slides

Teacher’s notes accompanying slides
Group Activity Cards

Note: If you want the editable version any of the above, leave me a note letting me know which item you’d like to have with your email address and I’ll send it over. 🙂

Enjoy the lesson! You deserve a break. Have fun and play. Sometimes, it’s okay not to beat them. Join them instead.


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