Stay foolish, stay hungry? – Post job interview musing

I’m hoping that someday when I look back at this blog post, I would be laughing at how ridiculous I am feeling right now.

It’s one of those times when I feel like OMG this is immense and my heart does leapfrogs in my chest cavity while I try all the deep breathing techniques that don’t work, even though subconsciously I know that I am over reacting but I can’t help it. Then when it is all over, I tell myself it’s not even that bad, I shouldn’t have freaked out. And I face-palm myself, outwardly expressing an inward thought, attracting the attention of passers-by then feeling embarrassed about it.

I thought the interview went better than I expected, and I walked out feeling better than when I walked in. The interviewers were a lot of fun, they felt familiar even though they were complete strangers. Basically, they were all nice people. I don’t know how ‘not nice’ I expected them to be. Pardon my lack of better words for this. I’m still recovering from my unnecessary self-imposed anxiety, and typing this out on the train ride back.

I know I read that there’s no need to be nervous. Interviewers are people too, they are probably as nervous meeting their interviewees. Quora has quite a bit of people chipping in on this point. In fact I don’t think I felt like this for my previous interview. Did I care more for this one?

I’m writing this post with one main objective amongst others. I’d like your unbaised, honest opinion on the following thought:

Would you work for a trial period, without pay except knowledge gain, but with no strings attached? (It wasn’t an interview question.)

I think it is brilliant actually (I like free education). Though I was told, upon discussion with my sister, brilliantly foolish. But I’d rather be a brilliant fool learning something than an intelligent being staying where I am.

Honestly, what do you think?

Here’s a typical Jane-moment for you:
I tripped and almost fell down the stairs while walking out of the coffee shop before the interview. In efforts to keep myself from falling, I shot my arms out and took a huge compensating step, causing a loud stomp and people around me to take notice and gasp. In addition to my clumsiness that has caused me some bearable embarrassment, I decided to curse myself aloud adding fuel to the fire. Some fine example of a graceful lady I am. 

Happy Monday, I hope you had a good laugh. 😄

P.S. I also missed my stop and didn’t get off the train because I was too engrossed in typing this post. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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